New Enrichment Programming


By Meagan Ellington

This year, Boys and Girls Club of Athens started something new by adding in Enrichment programs through the 21st Century program. These programs are designed to enhance kids’ abilities whether it is through culinary, arts, or play. Every Wednesday and Friday of the week are designated enrichment days. One program that has been a stand out is Competitive Sports. For the past ten weeks, kids have been learning the game of Flag Football. It goes beyond learning a sport; it gives the kids a chance to become a team and work together. From the beginning, the foundation of the game was taught to them. Each team was given a notebook that became their play book. It was then that they have been able to play and compete.


Talking to the kids now, they always want to play football because they look forward to Wednesday and Friday. It also has given the girls a great way to get involved in what is seen as a guys sport so  that everyone is accounted for. Looking back ten weeks ago, in comparison to where they are now, you will not only see them getting better physically, but also their demeanor as a whole. They are better leaders, teammates, and kids because of it. They are more positive and excited to be able to participate in something that holds them accountable. They are wrapping up Flag Football and will soon end with a big game. After Christmas break, a new competitive sport will be introduced to them and it is exciting to see how that will continue to shape them!