Meet Torri Browner

By Meagan Ellington

Torri Browner is one of our teen club members at the Boys and Girls Club of Athens. She is a seventh grader at Coile Middle School. Her name may sound familiar to some of you because she is the younger sister of the late Trevon “Chilli” Browner. Most know, Trevon was heavily involved with the Boys and Girls Club, having won Youth of the Year in 2016, 2017, and 2018. When he passed, it was easy to wonder if she would continue at the club. Despite enduring one of life’s greatest losses, Torri remains a remarkable young woman and friend to everyone at the Boys and Girls Club. Her positive attitude and bright personality inspires those around her to stay positive as well. She has impressed all of us by continuing to show up everyday, always shining through everything that she does. One thing that Torri has been very excited about is the new music program being offered to the teens this year. She has become very involved in it, and it has become a highlight of her week. We are so fortunate to have an outstanding young lady like Torri to be a student at the Boys and Girls Club and we cannot wait to see what she does in her promising future.