A Letter From Mike About COVID-19
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President and CEO 

Mike Hackett

Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens

The Boys & Girls Club is ready to Step Up For Kids. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the Clarke County School District has elected to transition to a 100% virtual learning platform for the time being. Many of our youth do not have a produc- tive virtual learning environment at home, leading to a potential widening of the academic achievement gap that

afflicts our community. Students need a safe, structured and supervised environment where they can achieve academ-

ic success and stay on track.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens will expand our Club services by offering members, grades 1 to 8, an in-person School Day Learning Hub at our two locations. Members can attend their Virtual School District Classroom at the Club while parents work and earn the resources desperately needed during these challenging times.

The Club Learning Hub Highlights:

  • 100 Boys and Girls served (50 at each location)

  • Program Hours: 8:00AM to 3:30PM, Mon - Fri

  • Open on all scheduled school days until such time students physically return to school

  • Breakfast & Lunch will be provided

  • Staff support during independent learning times

  • Access to reliable WIFI. Technical assistance when needed

  • Enrichment programs during non-class time

  • Physical Fitness, exercise and play time throughout the day

  • Staff hired in accordance of B&GC standards (Criminal Background Check, Mandated training)

  • Learning Teams of 8 students and 1 staff member. Learning Teams will be isolated.

  • COVID safe practices taught and practiced (Daily wellness/ temperature checks, masks worn at all times, social dis-

tancing, regular hand washing, disinfection of surfaces,

curbside drop-off/pickup)

Special Thanks

We'd like to give special thanks to the following supporters for their special COVID-19 relief donations.

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UGA Chapter


Oconee Outdoor Specialty 



Iron Horse



Heyward Allen


Providence Printing

burton + BURTON

Boswell Oil

Source of Solutions

Fortson Bently & Griffin

Athens Lions Club

Duplicating Systems 

Junior League of Athens 

South State Bank 

Locos Franchising Company






COVID-19 Community Response Fund

The Anthem 


JA & HG 

Woodruff Charitable Trust

Give Back Real Estate



Athens Academy 



The following is a list of individuals and families who have given to the COVID-19 fund.

The Padilla Family

Kimberly and Tee Noland

Gwynne and Patrick Darden

Alon Mcklveen 

Lauren and Jeff Bodiford

Darius and Joni Taylor

Michael Duggan

The Stampes Family 

Tom and Joani Crean

The Langdale Foundation

The Lastinger Family 

Craig and Laura Meeks

Bill and Donna Hopper 

Jeff and Taylor Miller 

Jay Cook

Lacy Johnson

The Bertis & Katherine 

    Downs Fund

Jim and Dorothy Newland 

Angela Meltzer 

Farris Johnson

Anna & Thomas Dyer

Craig Rudow

Charlie Friedlander 

The Winthrop Foundation 

Judge Lawton Stephens 

Sean & Kalyne Stultz Family Foundation 

The McCullick Family 

John Frierson

Allen Green

Emory & Francis Thomas

William Purdue

Christine Podeszwa

Gabe And Talley Vodicka

Walter Sams IV

Robert Bretscher 

Ray & Gloria Bruce

Jeffery Engel

Joe And Katie Ehrlich

The Hepburn Family Charitable Fund

The Mary Lillie Watson Foundation

Athens Area Pickleball Association

Robert Van Schoick

Robert Philo

Charles Queen

Ron and Eileen Courson

Barth Jackson

Naomi Glenn

Lucille Davis

Brad Akins 

Hariet Hulsey

Jeff Bodiford & Family

Kecia Thomas

Jeff Winston 

Tom Scott

Toby Smith

Mac Coile

Oby Dupree

Chris Johnson

Roy & Dianne Carroll

Polaris Walls 

Jack Bauerle

The McLean Family Foundation

The Smith-Tomoporowski

     Family Fund

Kathy Phillips 

Laurel Alberty 

Barbara Howell

Greer Madden

Peggy Bodie

Michael Kahn

Teresa Johnson

Kristin Hess

Linda Kimsey 

Kay McWilliams 

Derik Pannek

Jim Peters 

Jessica Smith

Gary Travis

Luis Ortiz

Charles Martin

George Fontaine

Thomas Mills

Ray & Gloria Garcia 

John Tebeau

The Lonnie L. Michael Foundation

 Michael & Jennifer Fitzgerald

The Wiggins Family Fund

Leon Farmer & Co

Johnson & Marlowe

The AACF Pass-Through Fund