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How We Stay Safe!

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

As you may already know, the Club started in-person learning hubs for virtual learning last year. Now that school is back in session, we’re continuing! Last year, we had no instances of an outbreak at either location. Here are just a few of the safety protocols that kept us covid free!

  • Member Pods of no more than 9 Club members and one staff person. Members are in the same pod every day. All day, pods are isolated from each other. Each pod has the same staff person everyday and throughout the day. Movement from one program area to another is done in a manner to ensure no interaction with other pods. Upon arrival and completion of wellness check, Members go directly to their Member Pod.

  • Reduced number of Members served (50 maximum per Club site) Total youth served is reduced to ensure the insolation of Member Pods from one an other, and so that proper social distancing is easy.

  • Meals and Beverages As usual, Members are served a daily snack. All snacks are prepackaged and prepared off site. Each member is issued either a cup or water bottle. Water fountains have been reconfigured to allow staff to refill cups and water bottles for Club members. No one is allowed to drink directly from a water fountain.

  • Building Sanitization Surfaces are wiped down with antiseptic cleaners throughout the day and whenever a Membership Pod moves from one area to another. The Club is thoroughly cleaned every night with disinfectant cleaners. Clubhouses are sprayed with disinfectants weekly.

  • Restrooms: Only one member at a time may use a restroom. Staff will monitor. Knobs and fixtures are wiped down after each use.

We want our kids to have fun, learn and enjoy their time at the Club while also being safe. With these protocols in place, we can let kids be kids while also staying mindful!

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