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The Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens are expanding our reach for summer programming.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens has collaborated with Athens Housing Authority to offer extended summer programming at the Nellie B and Rocksprings facilities. This partnership will allow the Boys & Girls Clubs to serve up to 35 kids, ages 6 to 12, at each facility over the summer, and will be operational by mid-June. Staffed by trained and caring mentors, the extended summer programming at Boys & Girls Clubs will provide safe, inclusive places where kids and teens build their confidence, explore their interests and build skills. Activities will focus on academic recovery, STEM, digital arts, educational field trips, indoor and outdoor recreation, as well as educational programs, such as Summer Brain Gain.

“The Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens, Inc. is a proven leader in our community. [This] organization has provided after-school programs and summer camps in safe environments for our public housing youth as well as many other youth in the community for over 50 years, including a satellite club for 18 years in our former Jack R. Wells public housing neighborhood” said Rick Parker, Executive Director of Athens Housing Authority. “These programs and services enhance our residents’ and community’s quality of life. We look forward to continuing to work with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens to provide these programs and services in our Rocksprings and Nellie B neighborhoods in the coming years.”

To aid in the opening of these new locations, The Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens were able to secure $135,254 in funding from The Unified Government of Athens-Clarke County’s Expansion of Youth Development Programming.

According to Athens-Clarke County Mayor Kelly Girtz, “The Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens has been a stellar partner in Athens for decades, and I am deeply appreciative of their willingness to expand their reach into these two community centers.”

Following summer programming, these locations will provide after-school programming during the school year. Our trained professionals are there to offer homework help, expose kids to new opportunities and experiences, create a sense of belonging and so much more. Some of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Athens programming includes IXL Learning Loss Prevention, Dance, Community & Chess, Music Makers, Robotics, and more.

A word from our CEO, Robert Finch.

“The issues facing our youth community are daunting! Too many of our youth have an aimless existence, and the consequences are just too severe. Working with Rick Parker and his staff and Mayor Girtz to address these issues and provide alternatives for our youth is a privilege. These programs will be designed to develop the workforce, social and life skills that will prepare our youth for the future. Not just any future, but a great future! In the weeks to come, announcements of other community partners will be announced. It's an exciting time to be part of the Boys and Girls Club movement.” “We look forward to continuing these partnerships.”

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