Healthy Lifestyles

These Club programs help develop fitness, a positive use of leisure time, reduction of stress, appreciation for the environment and social and interpersonal skills.


Youth learn to engage in positive behaviors to nurture well-being and resist the temptation of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and premature sexual activity.  This area works to increase peer support, enhance life skills, build resiliency, and strengthen leadership skills. 

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We've partnered with renowned producer and music business professional, Drew Vandenberg, to create a 13 week music production curriculum that incorporates core curriculum and STEM elements.

Numerous studies show that musical engagement can facilitate academic achievement and improve concentration. Our goal for this program is to provide another avenue towards success for our club members.

Music Makers 



These programs help youth create aspirations for the future, providing opportunities for career exploration and educational enhancement.  This area includes programs to teach basic money management skills.  Club members also receive tutoring and are taught useful study and homework tips. 

Good Character

& Leadership 

This core area emphasizes community involvement, relationship building, participation in the democratic process, and positive self-perception.