A Look Back on 2019


By Adriana Thomas

As we look back at 2019, we see a year full of change in our

community and within our club. From exciting new programs to strengthened connections with our supporters, the help of community members like you has allowed us to reach new heights as we strive to serve more Athens children.


At the beginning of 2019, the Music Makers program kicked off with six enthusiastic middle schoolers. 

Under instruction from local producers, Drew Vandenberg and Annie Leeth, these students learned their way around a music studio, and learned about song composition and performance. The program’s kickoff was a success and continued throughout the summer and fall months, receiving support from the Kirby Smart Family Foundation, the Riverview Foundation and Best Buy. In addition to the music program, Club members have enjoyed new enrichment activities. On certain days of the week, club members participate in either family engagement programs or engaging activities that differ from their day-to-day experiences. There have been murder mysteries, visual arts projects and new competitive sports. 


Our donors and supporters have stepped up their efforts as well. In early 2019, we welcomed UGA Basketball coach, Tom Crean, as our Steak& Steak keynote speaker. We’ve received numerous grants and donations from new supporters and supportive organizations. Our Athens Business Coalition, a campaign of local businesses who are committed to supporting the club over the course of three years, welcomed new members, including W&A Engineering,Hopkins Construction, and the Burgess Family Foundation. As the year winds down, we thank everyone who’s remained involved with keeping our local youth engaged and ready for life. We also welcome our new supporters to the cause. Let’s make 2020 another great year for our children.