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Meet Fernando Velasco, the featured guest for our 2024 Great Futures Dinner

Fernando Velasco is a dynamic and passionate motivational speaker with a singular mission: to inspire positive change in individuals and communities. Drawing on a compelling background as a former NFL player, including remarkable tenures with the Tennessee Titans, Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Carolina Panthers. While with the Carolina Panthers, he reached the pinnacle of his playing career, participating in Super Bowl 50. Fernando's journey is a living testament to the incredible power of perseverance and personal growth

Being a lifelong learner stands at the core of Fernando's transformative journey, with a bachelor's degree from the University of Georgia and a master's degree in leadership and Adult Education from the University of Arkansas. These academic achievements, coupled with his life experiences, uniquely position him to guide others on their pathways to success.

Fernando's professional journey is equally impressive, characterized by his role as the Director of Player Engagement for the Atlanta Falcons. Here, his responsibilities extend beyond the football field into personal and professional development, financial literacy, and continuing education. He has also made significant contributions as the Assistant Director of Player Development at his beloved alma mater, the University of Georgia, where he played a pivotal role in forging vital connections between athletics and academics, recruitment, and community relations. Before joining the Atlanta Falcons, he served as The Director of Player Development at The University of Arkansas.

However, it's beyond the gridiron where Fernando's profound dedication to uplifting others truly shines. He tirelessly champions community outreach programs, helping individuals unlock their hidden potential and fostering unwavering support for youth and their families. Through his foundation, The Velasco Family Foundation, Fernando empowers young minds to strive for academic excellence and character development.

Fernando's passion-driven work extends into his transformative public speaking engagements. His impactful talks cover a broad spectrum of topics, including mental health, discovering one's "why," financial literacy, motivational leadership, and pursuing success beyond the world of sports. He artfully weaves his own story of trials and triumphs into his talks, forging deep connections with his audience and leaving them with lasting motivation to make positive changes in their own lives.

His reach doesn't stop there! Fernando extends his influence through camps focused on mental health literacy, personal development, pursuing dreams, and spiritual growth, tailored explicitly for young males.

Fernando is not just a passionate advocate but also a dedicated family man. He is a loving husband to his college sweetheart, Kamille Velasco, and a devoted father to his son, Alex Velasco



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